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4 Reasons To Book Your Corporate Christmas Event On The River Thames

Whether you’re planning a conference or a work’s Christmas party, thought needs to go into choosing the right location.

The venue for your corporate Christmas event can make the difference between a roaring success and a complete wash out.

If you’re a London or Surrey based company, then you’ve got the ideal location, right on your doorstep. Nothing is more impressive than an event on the River Thames.

Here’s just a few reasons why the River Thames is the perfect location for Christmas corporate events in London.


The River Thames has been referred to as ‘liquid history’. It’s one of the most famous landmarks in the world and is sure to impress, especially if you have international guests.

From the ‘frost fairs’ of the 16th and 19th Centuries, to the 2012 Olympic pageant and the Queen’s jubilee celebrations, the Thames has always been used for festivities and celebrations.

Wherever you are on the River Thames, you’ll find a significant and historic landmark on its shores. From Hampton Court Palace to The Houses of Parliament and Greenwich, the River Thames flows through history, remaining an unchanging and iconic ambassador of England past and present.

Corporate Christmas Event Venue

Water Views

There is something truly magical about water views. As humans, we’re attracted to and mesmerised by water. A water view increases your sense of well-being, inducing calm and relaxation. What better way to finish off the working year and escape from the frenetic pace of office life, than with a Christmas event on the River Thames.

A Christmas Theme

Your Christmas party theme can be as detailed or as simple as you wish. The river makes the perfect backdrop for any event, from a winter wonderland theme to a simple cocktail party. The lights of London reflected in the water are decorations in themselves.

Corporate Christmas Event Venue


Wherever you are along the River Thames, it will be easily accessible. International airports, major motorway networks and public transport are all within easy reach.

Raven’s Ait Island is just a stone’s throw from London and is ideally situated on the River Thames. The island will give your event an exclusive feel and has far reaching views that can’t fail to impress your guests. The stunning backdrop of Hampton Court Palace is even more impressive in the festive season.

If you would like to request more information on corporate events London, visit the venue or talk to one of our dedicated events team, please contact Ravens Ait on 0208 339 6960.