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Inspiration for your London Wedding

Different Wedding Styles

Congratulations! So you’ve finally decided to tie the knot. But now you’re faced with the mammoth task of organising your special day. Your primary concern will be finding a suitable venue. But then you also need to work out what kind of wedding style you’d like. Choosing a style of wedding is a matter of personal choice. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to go down the traditional wedding route. Today, there are various styles of wedding to choose from. It all depends on your personality and preferences.

If you’re struggling for inspiration then here’s a few ideas to get you started.

london wedding inspiration


A vintage wedding is great for those who want a traditional wedding with a characteristic touch. You may have a favourite period such as the 20’s, 30’s or 50’s. Your London wedding attire can be custom made to reflect your favourite era and even the guests can dress accordingly. From table settings and decor to vintage cars, a vintage wedding can give your special day a nostalgic, yet unique feel.


Forget pomp and tradition and opt for a casual style wedding. Don’t enforce a dress code and aim for a more relaxed and personal event. Make food options more fun by choosing casual, no-fuss foods such as pasta, pizza or even good old fish and chips. An ice cream van would be a great way of serving up dessert. Or have a range of street food kiosks for guests to choose between. Decorate your venue yourselves using tea lanterns, paper streamers or create a helium-filled balloon ceiling for a low cost, yet stunning effect.

london wedding inspiration

Black Tie

A black tie event gives your guests the chance to dress up to the nines and feel like true VIPs. Choose an elegant decor and even roll out a red carpet for an added touch of glamour. If you don’t want a multi-course, sit down meal then you could opt for a champagne drinks reception instead. Treat your guests to delectable amuse-bouches canapés followed by delicate finger foods and obviously, champagne!

If you need further inspiration for your London wedding then visit a Surrey wedding fair. You’ll receive great advice, information and plenty of freebies!

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